scuba diving gearBenefits of Buying Scuba Diving Gear Packages by Level

Is scuba diving your favorite recreational activity? Do you go take a dip in the ocean whenever you have enough leisure time? If yes, renting your scuba diving gear would be inconvenient as well as costly. Considering the benefits it brings, the best option available for frequent divers is to get their own set of diving gear. However, if you are a novice enthusiast, it can be overwhelming to select among the many brand names and equipment on the market to complete your scuba diving rig. Considering that, Selecting by packages is the simplest approach to buying scuba diving equipment.

Most dive shops in Malaysia like Scuba Warehouse offer packages that generally include diving equipment and devices such as BCD, regulator set, dive computer, and more. However, if you are making a purchase, you should know that basic diving equipment such as scuba masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuits, and other accessories are not included in these diving packages. 

What Are the Benefits of Buying Scuba Diving Gear Packages?

Buying scuba diving gear as packages brings a number of benefits to divers. Below are a few.

          1. Helpful for Beginners 

Not every novice diver has adequate knowledge of diving gear. When it comes to buying equipment, many beginners get confused not knowing which gear they need. Rather than wandering around buying gear by gear separately, it is beneficial for them to buy it in packages that satisfy all their diving needs. Since the packages include all the basic items, divers need not make long lists of equipment and shop around. All they have to do is walk into a top-notch dive shop and ask for a high-quality diving gear package that includes all gear required for their level of experience. 

          2. Cost Effective 

Buying scuba gear packages is more cost effective than buying equipment separately. If you are looking for an affordable option, it is better to buy a package as most packages come with cheaper prices than individual equipment. Basically, it is beneficial for you to buy a set of several gears rather than buying a regulator, a BCD, a dive computer, and several other gears that are sold at high prices separately. 

          3. Can Get Everything Under Same Brand

There are numerous scuba gear manufacturers in the market. Choosing all your diving gear under the same brand can be hectic if your dive shop does not have sufficient gear. You can avoid that issue by purchasing all necessary gear in a package under one brand. The benefit of having all gear under the same brand is getting everything in the same quality. 

          4. Cheaper than Renting

Renting scuba gear is popular in touristic diving spots. It is a good choice if you are traveling during your vacation. However, if you are a regular or a frequent diver, renting gear every time you go for a dive would cost a fortune. If you buy all your gear in a package, you’ll be saving the money that you would spend on renting each gear.

          5. Convenient to Buy

Having to choose all your scuba gear one by one can be a daunting task as you have to pay the same amount of attention to each gear separately. It usually takes all your valuable time and several visits to the dive shop. The advantage of buying a package is not having to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on each gear. When buying a scuba gear package, you can try and check the quality and other specifications of all your gear at the same time. 

Top-Notch Scuba Diving Gear Packages

You’ll see that there isn’t a package that fits everyone as you explore each scuba set from the renowned brands of diving gear below. To meet the needs of different types of divers, each will provide a unique style and model of BCD, first-stage regulator, octopus, and computer. It is crucial that you read the descriptions of each product and its inclusions when choosing a package. Here’s an example for a scuba diving gear package that includes Cressi dive gear: 

Cressi START-ER Package

Package Inclusions:

  • Cressi Start Pro BCD
  • Cressi XS2/AC Piston Regulator
  • Cressi XS Octopus with House
  • Cressi Mini Gauge Console 

This Cressi scuba dive gear kit may be the right choice for you if you’re on a tight budget. The Italian company sells the START-ER bundle, which comes with a regulator, gauge console, and BCD for scuba diving. It includes almost everything you’ll need for a comfortable dive, including the sturdy, high-quality nylon Cressi Start Pro BCD and bigger models of the Cressi XS2/AC2 Piston Regulator and Cressi XS Octopus. The inclusive XS2/AC2 Piston Regulator and XS Octopus, which are made of marine-grade chromed brass and tough, non-corrosive hi-tech plastics, guarantee longevity and dependability. They have a sturdy downstream demand valve mechanism, a Venturi dive/pre-dive sensitivity switch, and a non-balanced flow-by-piston design. The Mini Gauge Console from Cressi has an oversized, easy-to-read scale as well as a shock- and scratch-resistant enclosure. It is incredibly small and light. 

How to Choose the Right Scuba Diving Gear Package?

Out of numerous choices in the market, it is crucial to know how to choose the right diving gear package for you. Although purchasing your equipment in a package will typically save you money, be sure to carefully review the set’s inclusions. The top scuba dive equipment packages come with a top-notch buoyancy control device, a full set of regulators, and a dive computer. There are three items that are required in every set of scuba diving equipment.

  1. Buoyancy Control Device (BCD): They secure scuba tanks, maintain neutral buoyancy while diving, and keep you afloat on the surface. Although you may dive safely with any well-working BCD, picking the best one is largely a matter of comfort and taste. The most popular BCDs are jacket-style models, which are appropriate for both novices and experienced scuba divers. The necessary parts—an air bladder, inflator, pressure release valve, and dump valves—will be included with every jacket-style BCD. Therefore, pay attention to optional features and factors including fit, adaptability, and whether or not it has a built-in weight system.
  1. The Regulator: A regulator is the most important piece of equipment you can buy for scuba diving since it ensures your survival by allowing you to breathe underwater. The only way to breathe from scuba tanks is to “regulate” the highly pressured air inside those tanks into breathable air. As the components of regulator sets are often sold separately, it can be challenging to determine what you need if you are a novice. Fortunately, all of the required regulator parts are included in the top dive gear kits, and some even arrive pre-assembled.
  1. Dive Computers: A dive computer is a component of every set of scuba diving equipment. As you dive, these computers capture crucial information. Time elapsed, current and maximum depth, ascent rates, safety stop and decompression times, and the time when it’s safe to go back are all included in this data. The two primary varieties of diving computers are console and wrist-style. Even though you can dive safely with either style, many divers have preferences. The most adaptable diving computers are wrist models, which resemble watches. Conversely, console dive computers have a pressure gauge and are connected to your regulators. 

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