Best Women’s Wetsuits for Diving and Swimming

Aquatic sports are practiced by many, regardless of their gender. Many women love going for a nice dive, a surf, or a swim during their holidays. However, when it comes to scuba diving, every woman needs to be in a high-quality women’s scuba wetsuit to enjoy a safe and comfortable dive. Wetsuits are worn to maintain one’s body temperature in cold water. Scuba diving wetsuits are thick, stretchable, and tight. Women’s scuba wetsuits differ from men’s wetsuits as they are made to fit the shapes and curves of the female body. Your diving experience is likely to be quite uncomfortable if you are not wearing the right wetsuit. Whether you buy your own wetsuit or rent one from a dive shop, you need to be aware of the best wetsuits available on the market to make a good choice. Read on to find out the best women’s scuba wetsuits available in Malaysia. 

What’s So Special About Ladies’ Wetsuits?

A ladies’ wetsuit differs from a men’s wetsuit due to several reasons. Women’s wetsuits that fit properly and enhance female form are the best. Women’s wetsuits are designed to be tailored to fit the female figure. They look and feel different from men’s wetsuits and are typically more form-fitting. Women’s wetsuits are generally made of different materials than those used to make men’s wetsuits, which is another reason why they are more form-fitting. Women’s wetsuits come in a variety of designs for a variety of activities. The best wetsuits for women to use when surfing are often shorter and have a fuller torso, making it easier for them to paddle out to the waves. More compression is typically seen in the best wetsuits for women divers, which helps to keep their bodies in place.

The Best Wetsuits for Women

If you are looking to buy a high-quality women’s scuba wetsuit in Malaysia, here are some options for you!

scubapro wetsuit 1. Scubapro Sport Steamer Wetsuit

Scubapro women’s wetsuit offers you warmth and comfort for a great dive. With its special manufacturing method called Body Map System, it fits your body perfectly like a glove. Scubapro wetsuit is known to be durable, and it effectively preserves your body heat within. It is assembled using a solvent-free glue and the zippers on ankles and wrists consist of YKK brass sliders to ensure water-tightness. These zippers are extra-long on women’s wetsuits to provide extra convenience. Scubapro wetsuits are made from a petroleum-free limestone neoprene material called X-Foam, and they are rated for water temperatures above 22°C.

2. Waterproof 1mm Neoskin Wetsuitwomens scuba wetsuit

With all the protection of a full-length wetsuit, but without the bulk, this ultra-thin 1mm wetsuit is made of super-stretch and super-soft neoprene. It can be worn alone to create a thermal layer that is warmer than a rash vest, or it can be worn underneath a thicker suit to provide additional warmth and make it simpler to put on and take off the outer suit. The Neoskin is equipped with a long corded central back zip, flat lock seams to lessen skin irritation, thumb loops, and ankle stirrups to keep the arms and legs from riding up. It shields you from the sun and marine life stings and is perfect for warmer environments that don’t require much thermal protection.

3. Cressi Morea Fullsuit

The Cressi Morea Fullsuit is a one-piece, 3mm jumpsuit made of neoprene that offers the best durability and insulation against exposure to heated water. High underwater pressure can be sustained thanks to its improved flexibility, anatomical fit, and rubberized neoprene chest. Its slender and elegant design makes it one of the best women’s wetsuits for your underwater diving requirements.

4. Cressi Fast 3mm Wetsuit

Cressi Fast 3mm wetsuit is a combination of 3 elements: a single 3 mm piece, a separate 5 mm and 3.5 mm cap, and an elastic coating. These 3 elements can either be purchased together or separately. It has comfortable, double-lined neoprene sleeves that facilitate your arm movements and it ensures the watertightness with specially designed seals. It comes with a high-quality YKK back zipper and its neck can be performed at 120º for extra comfort. Cressi Fast 3mm wetsuit comes to the market in a wide range of sizes and it is reputed to compliment and comfort the female body at the sametime. 

5. Waterproof W3 Fullsuit

This wetsuit gives you the maximum comfort and protection while diving deep in the sea. It is made from Microcell CR Neoprene and has the perfect stretch to perform in marine water. It is considered one of the toughest wetsuits as it is bonded by a strong nylon thread. It is abrasion-resistant on the back due to polyurethane embossing and its 3D design with pre-bent feature on the arms and legs provides perfect anatomical fitting to the female body structure. 

6. Cressi Med X Shorty

Cressi Med X Shorty suits tropical seas. It has an aesthetically pleasing look and comes in a versatile size range. This wetsuit is ideal for swimming and snorkeling, and it is comfortable to wear, facilitating free leg and arm movements. To improve elasticity and minimize water filtration, it has flat neoprene on the chest area, arms, and legs. It is an affordable option for wetsuit.

7. Sharkskin Chillproof Suit

Chillproof by Sharkskin is a smart skin that replaces a 3mm wetsuit with a revolutionary high tech trilaminate that will keep you cool when it’s warm. Sharkskin’s outer layer is a robust, high quality four-way stretch material with a durable water repellent (DWR). The second layer is a 10,000 plus technical membrane that stops windchill and ‘breathes’ to prevent overheating. The ‘next to skin’ layer is a high tech hollow fiber fleece that retains water when submerged and wicks moisture away on the surface to dry quickly and keep you comfortable.

The Sharkskin Chillproof is an innovative wetsuit. The hollow fiber fleece is designed to absorb and hold water, and prevent water from flushing through the suit when submerged. Your body heats the water which provides a barrier against the cold water outside of the suit.

On the surface, Chillproof provides a windproof and water resistant barrier to the elements. The high loft hollow fleece holds air which your body heats up to keep you warm with minimal bulk. With Sharkskin Chillproof wetsuit, any moisture is quickly wicked away and excess heat or water vapor will pass through the one-way semi permeable membrane to prevent overheating.

8. Scubapro Definition Wetsuit

Scubapro Definition Wetsuit provides the ideal warmth for warm water divers and snorkelers. Designed with Scubapro’s Body Map System, it uses a 3D cut, special tailoring and material inserts to give you the perfect fit. This wetsuit is assembled with a solvent-free glue and its tailoring reduces the body stress of divers. Scubapro Definition wetsuit is CE certified and categorized as a Class D dive suit. It is durable, abrasion-resistant, and comes with printed elbows, shoulders, and knee pads.

9. Scubapro Thermal Tec Wetsuit

Scubapro Thermal Tec women’s wetsuit is a good example for thoughtful designing. It is durable, comfortable, and provides adequate insulation. It is fast drying as it is made of N2S neoprene and has zips on wrists and ankles to ensure its watertightness. It is constructed to fit the female body perfectly. If you are a regular diver who is often in water, Scubapro Thermal Tec is the ideal choice for you. 

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