dive gear servicing

Dive Gear Servicing

At Scuba Warehouse, we value your life support equipment to be as important. After all, we want them to function well when we are down at depth.

Using original service kit as per manufacturer’s guideline, and having our service technicians constantly going for dive equipment servicing seminars, we are on top of it.

Battery change for major dive computer brands are available in store with a 30 minutes turn around time with the presence of our service technicians. All dive computers are being tested in a wet chamber after each battery change.

Please do call us up to be sure that our service technician is around.

BCD Servicing

Servicing Charges (Service Kit + Labour)

BCD Inflator RM 150
Air Source (Air 2) RM 250
Regulator Servicing

Servicing Charges (Service Kit + Labour)

Apeks regulator set RM 580
Aqualung regulator set From RM 480 onwards
Atomic Aquatics regulator set RM 580
Dacor regulator set Unserviceable
Mares regulator set From RM 480 onwards
Oceanic regulator set Unserviceable
Poseidon regulator set Unserviceable
Scubapro regulator set From RM 480 onwards
Sherwood regulator set Unserviceable
Other regulator set ask
Environmentally sealed regulators add RM 120 (oxygen grease)
Battery Change

Servicing Charges (Battery + Chamber Test)

Suunto: Cobra / Vyper / Vytec / Gekko / Zoop RM 195
Suunto: Mosquito / Favor / Solution / Others RM 195
Suunto: Spyder / Stinger / D4 / D6 / D9 RM 195
Mares: Puck RM 195
Mares: Nemo / Excel RM 195
Oceanic: Atom / Geo RM 195
Uwatec: Aladin One / Prime / Tec RM 195
Transmitter RM 195
Other dive computer models