Dive Boots

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Why Do You Need Dive Boots?

Dive boots or diving shoes are footwear worn by divers. Even though it is not so common to wear dive boots in warm water, they are crucial when it comes to cold water diving. The main purpose of scuba boots is to keep the diver’s feet warm. In addition to keeping the diver’s feet warm and comfortable, dive boots are often used to climb over rocks mid-dive and to walk comfortably over sandy shores when going for and coming back from a dive.

How to Buy the Best Dive Boots?

Are you looking for a pair of dive boots to give your feet warmth, comfort, and style? Here’s what you should look for when choosing one:

1. The Fit

The fit is the most important factor to pay attention to when investing in a pair of dive boots. If your dive boots are too tight or too loose, they will make your dive extremely uncomfortable. When choosing a pair, make sure that it fits your feet perfectly to avoid hindrances such as cold water getting inside the boots, cramps, and numbness in toes.

2. The Warmth

Dive boots are designed to preserve body heat within. However, you must not misunderstand that they keep your feet dry. Just like your wetsuit, the scuba boots trap a layer of water inside and make it warm using your body heat. The most popular dive boots are made of 3 mm neoprene. However, the colder the water gets, the thicker your dive boots should be. Cold water divers can choose thicker dive boots starting from 5 mm. When buying, you may also check whether they have velcro straps and tabs at the ankle to prevent the flow of excessive water.

3. The Durability

The cost of a pair of dive boots can vary from RM100.00 to RM300.00 on the market. The advantage of investing money in a high-quality pair of dive boots is that you can use them in the long run. Why spend on scuba boots that break or wear off easily when you can choose strong, durable ones from our latest collection?

What Do We Offer?

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