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Buy the Best Wetsuits at Scuba Warehouse Malaysia

Every sport has specific attire and costumes. It’s the wetsuit when it comes to diving. A good diving wetsuit might be referred to as a diver’s closest pal. Wetsuits not only keep your body warm underwater but also serve as your second skin, shielding you from dangerous aquatic life like jellyfish.

At Scuba Warehouse Malaysia, we have a diverse collection of excellent-quality wetsuits from top-notch brands. We have both ladies’ wetsuits and gents’ wetsuits in a variety of sizes in stock, so you can find the perfect fit. Both men’s and women’s wetsuit collections include varieties of Scubapro Wetsuits, Cressi, Waterproof, and other popular brands that perfectly preserve your body heat while keeping you in style. Not only full-suits, but also we have shorties and shorts for you to select at our dive shop in Malaysia, and our well-experienced staff will guide you throughout the purchase to help you find your desired wetsuit.

What to Consider When Buying a Wetsuit?

Choosing the right wetsuit can help you in many ways when it comes to diving. The perfectly-fitting wetsuit can give you the best diving experience, keeping you warm and comfortable underwater. Here are a few factors you need to consider when buying a wetsuit.

1. The Type

There are a few types of wetsuits available on the market. Some are fully covered while some are knee-length shorties. Some divers don’t need to wear wetsuits in tropical places like Malaysia. However, to protect their body, arms, and legs from rubbing against coral and other rough objects underwater, most divers prefer to wear a full wetsuit that is between one and three millimeters thick. Some people even dive in shorties that reach their elbows and knees.

2. The Size

Size determines how comfortable your wetsuit will be. A wetsuit that is either loose or too tight will not be functional and will be uncomfortable to wear. Your wetsuit must be in good enough condition to keep you warm enough while also allowing for unrestricted movement of your body. It ought to be comfortable from the neck down and allow you to move your arms and legs freely. You can test whether you can safely move when diving while wearing your wetsuit by rotating your torso and contacting your toes.

3. The Thickness

Your wetsuit’s thickness is determined by the water’s temperature, which you will be dipping into. You can check with a local dive operator to find out the temperature and climatic conditions of the area before traveling to your desired dive site. However, generally speaking, a wetsuit thicker than 3mm is not necessary for Malaysia’s climate and sea temperature.

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