Prescriptive Lens

prescription scuba mask

The latest innovation in the scuba diving industry- the prescription scuba mask gives an accurate vision to divers who have sight-related issues. The whole purpose of diving is to observe the beauty underwater. May it be a shipwreck or a picturesque coral reef, if you don’t have a good vision, you won’t be able to enjoy your view to the fullest. Divers who wear contact lenses or spectacles in general face this issue as they cannot have an accurate sight underwater with regular scuba masks. As an ideal solution for the problem, prescription scuba masks have been invented with special lenses to correct one’s eyesight underwater without any hassle.

If you want to get the best Prescriptive Lens dive mask, then there are a few things that need to be considered. First of all, you need to get a prescription from an optician to determine the precise strength of the lens. Then, browse through our catalogue to check its availability. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our scuba shop employees. The quality and other specifications of your scuba mask depends on the kind of diving that you practise. Make sure to pay a visit and try your desired mask on to reassure its comfort and fit.

Prescription Dive Mask

Buy the Best Prescription Dive Mask from Scuba Warehouse Malaysia

A prescription dive mask is a long-term investment and it is no secret that it costs you more than a regular scuba mask. Why take a risk when you can buy one from the best?

At Scuba Warehouse Malaysia, we have an extensive collection of prescription dive masks at affordable prices to fit every diver’s sight requirements. At Scuba Warehouse , you can also buy corrective lenses and prescription dive masks separately as you wish. We offer top-notch scuba masks with prescription lenses designed by leading scuba gear manufacturers such as Apollo, Bonito Sport, and TUSA, and you can choose the ideal mask that suits both your vision and your style from us as our collection of masks has a wide range of colours and designs.

Put an end to blurry vision underwater. Buy your dream prescription scuba mask from Scuba Warehouse Malaysia today and enjoy your dive to the fullest. Browse through our catalogue below and pick what is best for you. Our products are now available both online and in-store upon your convenience. For further enquiries, contact us at +6077338910