500psi Mask Defog / Mask Scrub Combo Pack

500 PSI Mask Defog / Mask Scrub Combo Pack

1oz (30ml) size for easy travel


500psi Mask Defog / Mask Scrub Combo Pack

500psi Mask Defog / Mask Scrub Combo Pack comes in handy size of 1oz (30ml) bottle, good for travel.

Everything you need to prep your new mask, or to recondition your own mask. Cleans the lens and prepare for defog. Can apply on wet or dry surface.

500psi Mask Defog without question the clearest, longest acting and most effective mask defogger on the market. One application works for at least three dives in one day. Cleans your mask each time you use it. Wet or dry application, has the consistency of extra-thick toothpaste, and when applied to the lens typically lasts all day long. No sting formula! Can be use for any types of diving applications.


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