Apollo Bio-Filter


This external devise adds back moisture to the air you are breathing whilst underwater!


Apollo Bio-Filter

Did you know that tank air is dry; and that adding an Apollo Bio-Filter increases air humidity up to 70%?  No matter how much you hydrate beforehand you are still breathing dry tank air.  The unnatural lack of humidity can wreak havoc on your body.  Dry throat, cotton mouth and difficulty clearing are the most obvious indicators that your body is suffering the effects of dehydration.

Technical features of the Bio-Filter

  • Patented Apollo Moisture and Clean Air System
  • Moisture cartridge increases humidity 30-70%. High density foam pad is saturated with distilled or bottled water, placed on flow tube and sealed in unit for day of diving. As air passes through the flow tube; openings in the side create a vacuum drawing moisture from the pad and into the air stream.  Throughout the dive, the air you breathe has 30-70% humidity level.
  • No more cotton mouth or dry throat
  • Reduced incidence of fatigue from dehydration
  • Lower incidence of post dive headaches
  • Easier to clear (pressure equalisation)
  • Reduced risk of decompression sickness
  • Negative Ions refresh, invigorate and increase alertness.  The force of moisture through flow tube crushes water molecules which then attach to oxygen molecules to create negative ions. This generates 7000-8000 pcs/cc with each breath.  Similar to levels produced by waterfalls and forests.  Every dive should feel this great!
  • Electret Clean Air Filter removes dust, rust and oil mist Dive tanks can retain small particles of dust rust and oil residue.  Inhaling these contaminants can be harmful to your body.  Electret clean air cartridge efficiently removes these impurities.  Additional Information
  • Exterior fill port for refilling between dives
  • Nitrox compatible up to EAN level 40
  • Shock Absorber A little give does a lot to help prevent damage from mishandling.  1st stage connector features ball joint and damper to absorb external impact.  This area will always have some movement even after lock down.
  • Includes Bio-Filter, Moisture Pad (Wick/Cartridge), Fill Bottle, Electret Air Filter x2, Clamp and Allen Wrench
  • Material and Colour Powder Coated Brass, Silver
  • Dimensions  32 x 111mm, 242g
  • Manufactured in Japan


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