FLIP11+ Two Filter Kit with DIVE & DEEP Filters for GoPro HERO 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11


  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame
  • Fumble-Free FLIP Design
  • Perfect Underwater Color

Compatible with GoPro HERO 5, HERO 6, HERO 7, HERO 8, HERO 9, HERO10, & HERO 11 Cameras in the Super Suit or Protector Housings

Not Compatible with White or Silver editions.


Backscatter FLIP11 Two Filter Kit with SHALLOW & DIVE Filter for GoPro HERO 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11

The all new FLIP11+ – A complete filter and lens system for GoPro HERO5, HERO6, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, & HERO11 Cameras in the Super Suit or Protector housings



Kit Includes:


Multiple filters for perfect color!

As hardcore GoPro users, we discovered that capturing the best underwater color requires the use of multiple filters. After hundreds of hours of testing, we’ve perfected a multi-filter system and integrated it into our world-renowned FLIP design. The all-new Backscatter FLIP10 Two Filter Kit gives you multiple filters at the flip of one finger. Optimal color has never been so easy! Watch our sample video to see the multi-filter system in action.

Backscatter FLIP11 Two Filter Kit

A complete filter and lens system for GoPro HERO5, HERO6, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, HERO10, & HERO11

The FLIP10 System has the same professional craftsmanship of our previous models. The FLIP10 offers the best color and most rugged design of any filter on the market.

  • Aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction
  • Easy to use flip mechanism for one finger on / off control
  • Simple installation with rugged clamp-on design
  • Unobstructed view of front LCD display
  • Easy front camera button access with thick gloves
  • Open the camera housing without removing filter
  • Fumble-free flip design means you’ll never lose a filter
  • No vignetting in any underwater shooting mode
  • Includes SHALLOW filter optimized for diving between 10 and 25 feet & DIVE filter optimized for diving between 25 and 80 feet
  • Optional 55mm threaded mount provides the ultimate filter solution; easily add our +10 close-up lens, polarizer, split neutral density, or any other filter to your GoPro for topside or underwater use

Snap lock a lens or filter with just one finger

The hinged design of the Backscatter FLIP10 offers the ultimate solution for above and below water shooting. Other designs use internal gel filters that require you to break the factory sealed lens and can’t be removed from above water shooting. Other press-on filters can be removed, but are easily lost or damaged and frequently require multiple hands to install. Filters on the FLIP10 can be flipped out of the way with just one finger and lock into on/off positions with a positive snap.

New Flip Filter Ergonomic Tab Design

The new FLIP10 has a larger frame due to the larger lens port on the GoPro Hero 8, 9, & 10 housings. To make it easier to open with this larger design, we added an ergonomic tab to the filter. This new filter with the tab is backward compatible with all previous FLIP systems back to FLIP3.1. Older filters can be used with FLIP10, but the lack of a tab makes it not as easy to use. The 55mm threaded filter holder remains unchanged.

Backscatter FLIP11 Two Filter Kit

Why is our FLIP10 color formula the best? – Countless hours of in-water testing!

The Backscatter test team has spent years testing exciting new filter formulas in a variety of real-world conditions around the globe. While it’s possible for a manufacturer to select a filter formula by the numbers or a few test dives in one location, we know only an elaborate battery of controlled tests will produce the ultimate GoPro filter. Here’s why…

“Bluewater” is a moving target

Bluewater comes in many flavors around the world. From the gin-clear waters of the Bahamas to the blue-green waters of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, each region has its own signature color. Add the effects of weather, tides, shallow depths, and deep depths to these regional variations and you end up with a very broad definition of “blue water.” The Backscatter test team has shot countless hours of footage in all conditions around the globe to redefine the ultimate universal blue water filter formulas.

Not all GoPro cameras are created equal

We discovered early on that individual GoPro cameras can have a different color bias underwater. One camera might shift yellow and another camera might shift green. The Backscatter test team has gone to extraordinary lengths to evaluate multiple copies of both the HERO5, HERO6, HERO7, HERO8, HERO9, & HERO10 cameras in every situation with our new prototype designs. We’re confident our tweaked and re-tweaked formulas will not only best match “typical blue water conditions” but also harmonize with the variations in GoPro cameras.

The result – the Best GoPro filters available

We didn’t go over our R&D budget and timeline just to make the best filters for our customers. The team here at Backscatter has demanded the best filters for our personal shooting as well. We’re confident that you’ll agree that the new FLIP10, SHALLOW and DIVE filters are well worth the wait. Most importantly, you’ll get the best color out of your GoPro investment regardless of the blue water you find on your next dive.

Optical Grade Scratch Resistant Material

The FLIP10 filter material is resistant to scratches. It is similar to the optical acrylic used in eyeglasses. Most filter damage occurs during travel to and from the dive site. You’ll discover that most accidental scratches will not show up in your videos. Acrylic polish such as Novus can be used to buff out any unsightly scratches.


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