Cressi Air Black Mask

Particulary loved by underwater photographers, this Cressi Air Black Mask offers a very low volumn and light weight feature, thus allows easy mask clearing at any time. It’s inclined lenses helps divers to see easily.

color: black white, nery blue, black yellow, black black


Cressi Air Black Mask

This frameless mask is the first choice of divers. You can even carry this Cressi mask in your BC pocket. Cressi’s elegant frameless design bonds a high-grade silicone skirt attached to a single lens for the ultimate simplicity. The low internal volume of the mask allows for easy clearing and quick-adjust strap buckles directly moulded into the skirt for reduced drag and flexible fit.

The field of view obtained in this Cressi Air Black dive mask is particularly wide, laterally and in the lower zone. The skirt, in the front part, has a structural silicone insert which increases the sealing ability of the mask and creates an exceptionally pleasant chromatic play. Both the look & frame of this model are based on the most adaptable models in recent history of Cressi diving, free diving and snorkeling.

This professional diving equipment is available in black as well as black-yellow silicone. The stylish frame has been reinforced in width in the assembly with camera & comes with screw to lock & adjust the camera. The buckles of the mask are 100% movable in all directions via its flexible anchor.

  • This black dive mask features 100% silicone skirt with tempered glass lenses.
  • Cressi has been pioneer in manufacturing water sports equipment since 1946.
  • It features 100% silicone skirt with tempered glass lenses.

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