Cressi Kids Shorty Wetsuit

Get ready for a fun time in the water with this Cressi Kids Shorty for your children. Gives them UV protection and warmth at the same time while splashing water.

Colour: Blue, Pink
Size: S, M, L, XL, XXL


Cressi Kids Shorty Wetsuit

This one-piece Cressi Kids Shorty Wetsuit is the perfect outfit for your kid who loves water sports like swimming, surfing and canoeing. Made from 2mm thick neoprene on both front and back ends it ensures maximum strength and durability of use. Its sleeves, sides and collar are especially designed from Lycra material that gives close-fitting and protection against abrasion and wear.

Cressi Shorty provides excellent protection from marine stings and shields from excessive cold and heat while your kid surfs or dives in water. It also includes-

  • YKK Front and back zipper that offer ease of donning.
  • Made from low density Lycra fiber that doesn’t cause skin irritation.
  • Has UV (UPF) 50+ protection.
  • Available in small and medium sizes for kids aged 2-5
  • Quickly dries after use
  • Full flexibility at arms and legs while swimming and
  • Colour choice available

This kids Shorty Wetsuit from Cressi is the ultimate diving suit with which you can rest assured that your kid enjoys water sports with added factor of safety and security.

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