・The functional part of the strap itself is a metal spring, which makes it quick and easy to put on and take off the fins even when wearing boots. This simplifies fin management when the entry or exit footing is bad, such as when boat diving.

・The Gull spring strap has a special pad with a stopper function that prevents lateral slippage at the heel. Since it normally stays in the ankle-hold position, it is easier to align strap placement with the pad.

・Use of a spring strap gives you an elastic, self-regulating attachment that compensates for loosening caused by things such as changes in water pressure and contraction of boot and other materials.


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Gull Spring Fin Strap DX

○ Spring material: SUS304 (excellent corrosion resistance)
○ XS(16cm)/S(18cm)/M(20cm)/L(22cm)
○ Comes standard with DX fin buckle set ○ pair

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