The Halcyon Cinch System (“Quick-Adjust Harness”) can be used with single and double tanks. This Cinch System allows easy harness adjustability by pulling and pushing the webbing while avoiding “quick-release” or fastex buckles and dangling webbing.

The diver can easily, quickly and comfortably adjust the harness with the Halcyon Cinch System either in water or on land. Furthermore, it becomes easier to put it on and to take it off with the adjustable harness.

The Halcyon Cinch System is even 100 % DIR, because it doesn’t use any buckles and the main principle of a constant harness is considered. The Halcyon Cinch System (upgrade) offers you everything, so that you are able to convert your backplate with the Halcyon Cinch Quick-Adjust Harness.

HALCYON Cinch Adjustable Harness

Halcyon Cinch Adaptor Plate
– Material: high-quality injection molded article
– Fits on all Halcyon backplates

Halcyon Webbing
– Replacement webbing with the Halcyon “H” logo
– Old webbing should be replaced as the function is only guaranteed, if the harness is free of blemishes and indents, which can be found on used webbing from previous tri-glide positions

Halcyon ACB Weight Pocket Adaptors
– Is necessary to secure Halcyon ACB Weight Pockets to the Cinch Adaptor Plate
– Allows the Quick-Adjust Harness Webbing to slide freely without affecting the position of the ACB weight pockets

Halcyon Light Holder Assembly
– Is necessary for fixing a battery canister light to the cinch system
– The harness always stays adjustable, also while carrying a light canister
– Halcyon stainless steel buckle is included Includes to secure the light canister

Halcyon D-Ring Assembly
– Is connected with the cinch plate
– For positioning of a D-Ring at the hip belt to the harness
– Harness webbing stays adjustable / D-Ring and its secured equipment stays fixed

Halcyon Quick Adjustable Crotch Strap
– Crotch strap with adjustable buckle for quick and perfect fitting

Double Tank Bolt Extender
– Is needed when using double bottles
– For extension of the screw below, so that the webbing stays flexible

SS Bolt Kid
– Screws made of stainless steel
– For fixing cinch accessories and cinch plate to the backplate

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