IST SKB Beach Socks

These IST SKB Beach Socks are thin and comfortable, while offering you good protection against the hot sand. It can also be used together with your rental snorkelling fins to prevent chaffing at your heel too.

Product specifications of the beach socks
  • Super-stretch Spandex upper with stretchable ankle rim
  • Smooth, flat seam construction
  • Comfortable and tough neoprene sole with anti-slip traction dots
  • Neoprene heel and toe caps for extra protection and durability
  • Wear alone, or use to prevent chafing inside of sandals or fins
What are beach socks?

Unlike aqua shoes, which are sturdy and supportive enough to double up as an everyday shoe, beach socks recreate the feel of being barefoot during water activities. They are often used as necessary insulation for scuba diving and other watersports. Though beach socks are more lightweight and can be more flexible than aqua shoes, they do not offer the same levels of protection that you might need when moving between terrains.

Beach socks protect your feet from rocks, pebbles and hot sand, while also keeping them insulated in cold water. They’re the perfect accessory for aquatic activities such as kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing and more. You can even wear them for a run on the beach or river hike, as well as while gardening or fishing.

These water-friendly socks are typically made of quick-drying and stretchy neoprene. The upper portion will look and feel similar to a wetsuit while the bottoms are crafted from a rubbery material that’s solid but also flexible enough to fold up for easy packing.




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