Ocean-Reef Extraflex Quick-Connect Hose

This device allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection of the Ocean Reef Full Face Mask.


Ocean-Reef Extraflex Quick-Connect Hose

The Ocean-Reef Extraflex Quick-Connect Hose allows for easy connection and disconnection of a Neptune Space Full Face Mask at second stage, so it can be easily transported free of the first stage.

The Extraflex braided hose is extremely durable and flexible for manoeuvrability. Commercial & professional hose requires two hands to disconnect.

Length: 32″


Technical specifications of the quick connect hose:
  • Four layer technology, inner layer non-toxic polyurethane blend.
  • Polyester first layer reinforcement, thermo rubber jacket.
  • Polyethylene anti-scratching reinforcement.


Why use an integrated dive mask?

A full face scuba mask is more than just a really cool looking piece of kit. Its applications for commercial diving have been proven for a while, allowing divers into cold or even polluted waters with more protection and comfort.

These masks have come a long way since they seemed a thing of science fiction. Developments by leading brands have made them both safer and easier to incorporate into recreational diving. Each model has some quirks or unique design features that make using them something each diver should be aware of before buying.

The ability to talk to other divers around you while exploring a wreck or marveling at megafauna almost makes diving with a FFM another type of dive entirely. That some models provide a greater field of vision than conventional masks, is also a game changer for some scuba divers too.


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