Ocean-Reef Quick-Connection Octopus

Quick Connection Octopus for your Full Face Mask


Ocean-Reef Quick-Connection Octopus

Ocean-Reef Quick-Connection Octopus is balanced, and has a dive pre.-dive switch, comes with a male quick connection part, a 120cm/48” QC Extraflex Yellow hose.

Every IDM diver, especially if diving with QCs or Buddies with QCs should have the option, if needed to bail out with secondary conventional second stage, or QC hard connection.

Why use a Full Face Mask?
  • Comfort – You don’t have to worry about fogging with the full-face mask because there is constant positive pressure in the mask. From a full-day excursion to a week of diving on a live-aboard, we all know that jaw fatigue can set in and make for an uncomfortable dive. With the full-face mask there is none of that discomfort, be it for one or two dives or a whole series of them. You will also marvel at the range of vision offered by a full-face mask, which offers  a panoramic view of the marine world.
  • Efficiency – It is much easier to breathe using a full-face mask because you breathe from your nose instead your mouth, which is natural for most people. Breathing through your nose also means less air consumption.
  • Safety – The full-face mask offers the most advantages in this area. It is held in place by five straps, which eliminates risk that the mask will be kicked off by someone’s fins by mistake. If you are diving in extreme cold, your cheeks and forehead are protected. If, for some reason, a diver becomes unconscious, he often spits his regulator out of his mouth. But even in case of an emergency the full-face mask stays on, and air continues to flow within the mask. Similarly, there is less risk of water leaking from the mouthpiece.
  • The full-face mask also offers the ability for a communications system, which can serve as a way for divers to talk to other submerged divers, or those at the surface.

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