Oceanarium Dry Bag 50L


An awesome 50L Dry Bag large enough for your scuba diving gear or any other wet stuff you need to pack in for the next beach get away!

Design: Sea Turtle, Whale Monogram, Whale White


Oceanarium Dry Bag 50L

This Oceanarium Dry Bag 50L is large enough for a day at the beach or diving. Used as a tote bag or convert to a backpack, this is the perfect dry bag you need to have! This Oceanarium Dry Bag also comes with a drainage in mind for your convenience should you use it as as a tub for washing of your equipment.

Specifications of the 50L Dry Bag

Capacity: 50L

Dimension : 46cm x 42cm x 28cm, 33cm (strap length to shoulder)

Material : PVC 500D

Weight : 1.5kg

What is a dry bag?

Dry bags are designed to keep gear organised, protected, and dry. They differ in size, thickness, weight, design, materials, colour, durability, intended use, level of waterproofness, and cost.

Key features relating to thickness, durability, level of waterproofness, and intended use are often reflected in the product’s name. A ‘dry bag’ more likely refers to those built for activities around snow, water, or other wet environments. A ‘dry sack’ is more commonly used for carrying in a backpack or travel bag.

‘Dry bag’ is the general term that applies to both.

10 Reasons to travel with dry bags
  1. They keep stuff dry
  2. Use as a packing ‘cube’ or organiser
  3. Separate dirty or damp clothes
  4. Create extra storage space
  5. Wash clothes
  6. Use as a bucket
  7. Use as a makeshift pillow or cushion
  8. A dry bag is reusable
  9. Use as a soap or shampoo bar case
  10. Dry bags are easy to clean
Are Dry Bags Submersible?

The simple answer is, that they can be to a certain depth. While they aren’t made to be taken deep into the water, any high-quality dry bag should be able to take a quick dip in the water.

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