Oceanarium Regulator Bag


Marine designed regulator bags are now a must have to show it off!

Design: Hammerhead Shark, Humpback Whale, Manta Ray, Orca, Whaleshark, Turtle


Oceanarium Regulator Bag

Oceanarium Regulator Bag comes in a few interesting designs depicting your favourite marine animal!

A diving regulator is considered by many to be a scuba diver’s most precious piece of equipment. Your diving regulator is a fine-tuned machine that ensures your breathing gas is pressurised correctly for safety at any depth. With such an important piece of equipment in your kit, it’s best to select a well-designed protective case for storage and travel.

Safety Considerations for Your Most Delicate Diving Gear

Regulator bags may look like any padded travel case, but there are a few important safety features that you’ll want to look out for.


Padding is key when it comes to finding the ideal regulator bag. More padding helps you ensure your regulator is protected from bumps and drops on the dive boat, during air travel, and throughout periods of storage. Look for a regulator bag featuring sufficient padding for inner compartments and on the outside walls.

Inner Straps Prevent Unexpected Movement

Inner tie-down straps are a great protective measure for regulator bags. Straps are often sewed into the seams so they stay put and feature velcro or clipping closures. When you want to organise more than one regulator safely, or carefully coil delicate hoses inside your regulator bag, straps are a great addition to your kit.

Round vs Square Regulator Bags

Regulators aren’t exactly designed for simple packing! Your dive regulator system likely contains multiple dials, hoses, gauges, and mouth pieces. Choosing a square or round regulator bag is usually based on your particular regulator configuration and personal preference.

When you want a bag that easily accommodates coiled hoses, consider a round bag. If you tend to pack other travel belongings and dive gear in rectangular modular packing cubes, then a square regulator bag will more effectively fit with your other gear.

Plenty of Pockets for Accessories

Extra pockets are always helpful, especially when you store and transport delicate gear. Consider a regulator bag with plenty of small pockets and pouches so you can pack extra hoses, valves, and adapters. When you need to make adjustments or repairs on the fly, you’ll be glad you had spare parts safely tucked away!

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