OMS Spring Heel Straps

OMS Spring Heel Straps for Slipstream Fins can be worn with most fin types. OMS Spring Heels provide divers excellent fit and comfort and make the divers fins easy to don  and doff quickly.

Size: L, XL


OMS Spring Heel Straps

OMS Spring Heel Straps for Slipstream Fins can be worn with most fin types. They provide divers with excellent fit and comfort thus allowing the divers’ fins to don and doff with ease and speed.

The stainless steel is extremely corrosion resistant, and with a simple rinse of fresh water, the fin is ready to be kept for the next dive trip. The OMS Spring Heel Straps has a durable fabric covering. This covering will prevent entanglement of cave line, reducing the chances of accidents during penetration diving.

With the self adjustment nature of the fin, it will easily compensate the compression of the boot material. This is extremely significant during the deep dives where neoprene will compress at great depth. The self adjustment will prevent slippage of the fin from the boots. This really gives technical divers a peace of mind when they encounter multi task loading at depth.

  • Stainless steel main spring and safety cable wrapped in durable fabric

  • Automatically adjust to the diver’s feet

  • Compensates for depth and compression of boot material

  • Unbreakable strap provides an amazing degree of comfort and peace of mind

  • Available in Five (5) sizes for a secure and customised fit

    • Small = 8 in | 20 cm

    • Medium = 9 in | 23 cm

    • Large = 10 in | 25 cm

    • XLarge = 11 in | 27 cm

    • XXLarge = 12 in | 30 cm


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