SAS Neo-R II regulator


With its compact and lightweight design, this Reg allows you to enjoy diving without straining your chin.

*Come with SAS Yellow Octopus & Single Pressure Gauge 

COLOUR: Black, Light Blue, Light Pink, Red


SAS Neo-R II regulator

The lightweight and compact SAS Neo-R II regulator is equipped with an antibacterial mouthpiece and VIR function.

The combination of colorful colors in a white case makes the regulator fun just to look at.

Mouthpiece cap – It is equipped as standard on Regulator Second Stage and Octopus. This prevents sand and foreign matter from entering before and after diving. Also, in the Octopus, it prevents air from blowing out due to the venturi effect and keeps the inside dry. It is easy to remove with one touch in an emergency, and has adopted an orange color that is easy to recognize.

VIR Mechanism – This function allows the diver to adjust the required amount of air according to the user’s body type and exercise level. By turning the adjustment knob arbitrarily, the deflection amount (strength) of the LP spring is changed to increase or decrease breathing resistance.

* Breathing resistance is approximately 1.5 times higher when fully closed than when fully opened. *It is also effective to prevent free flow that occurs when entering or moving on the surface of the water.

Antibacterial mouthpiece – Silver ion antibacterial powder is blended with silicone rubber that conforms to the Food Sanitation Act to protect the mouthpiece, which tends to be unsanitary, from mold and bacteria. [Caution] Silver ion antibacterial powder has no sterilization ability.

Super LP seat – Urethene rubber is used to ensure durability, hence your regulator goes a longer mile

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