Shearwater Tern-TX Dive Computer

Shearwater Tern-TX Dive computer redefine diving convenience and versatility for sport divers. Incorporating a compact design with advanced features, these dive computers, especially the Tern TX with its transmitter-enabled capability, provide unparalleled functionality. Their enhanced visibility, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with multiple diving modes, make them an essential tool for divers seeking reliability and ease of use.


*Switch Ai Sold Separately 


Shearwater Tern-TX Dive Computer

Shearwater Tern-TX Dive Computer feature a 1.3” AMOLED screen with clear visibility in various lighting conditions. Their watch-style design and high-resolution display ensure easy access to vital diving data.

It stands out with its ability to connect to up to four Swift transmitters and includes a digital compass. These computer support Air, Nitrox, 3 Gas Nitrox, Gauge, and Freedive modes.

Designed and Built in Canada and depth-rated to 120 meters, these computers meet EN standards for dive compliance. They come with Shearwater’s new Remora™ quick connect bands and webbing straps, offering easy customization with various strap lengths and colors.

Robust design with toughened glass, modern bezel design and USB-C wireless charging & it can connect with up to 4 transmitters.

Air Simple air mode for everyday diving
Nitrox Single gas Nitrox up to 40%
3 Gas Nitrox 3 Gas switchable underwater with full decompression support. Up to 100% O2.
Gauge Bottom timer with stop watch and dive logging
Freediving Configurable sampling rates and alarms
Decompression Computer
Air Integrated
*Tern TX model only
Connects up to 4 Transmitters (Optional)
*Tern TX model only
3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass
*Tern TX model only
Bluetooth® wireless technology
Switchable vibration alerts
Upgradeable Firmware
316 Stainless Bezel & Buttons
22mm Strap Size with quick connect
(one long and one short strap included)
Ballistic Nylon Polymer Case
Screen Resolution 360 x 360
Display Type Full Colour AMOLED
Screen Brightness Minimum 300 nits, Typical at 350 nits
Display Size 3.30cm / 1.3″
Toughened Glass Window Yes
Battery Type Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Factory Replaceable
Battery Life up to 20 Hours (Medium Brightness)
up to 6 months (Standby)
Wireless Charging Station Yes
Number of Gases 3 OC
Depth Rating 120m / 394ft
Dive Log Capacity (10 second rate) 500 Hours
Size (Dive Computer) Diameter – 50mm
Thickness – 16mm
Weight (Dive Computer) 100g

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