Spare Air 300 NITROX

The Spare Air 300-N Package includes a sized Holster (PN:973) with two quick release straps.


Spare Air 300 NITROX

Spare Air 300 NITROX is a small (one of the smallest in fact) completely independent personal bailout cylinder system that was developed to allow divers to take live saving breaths during their ascent in an out of air situation or following equipment failure. Deployable in seconds, it can also be handed to a fellow diver in distress, allowing you to keep a safe distance whilst monitoring the situation and ascent rates.

They all can be filled from either your diving cylinder using the adaptor that is included in the packages or directly from a compressor using an optional compressor adaptor. Having the ability to top up anywhere ensures it is always ready to go in an emergency.

How to mount?

With just 2 simple clicks, SpareAir 300-N can be mounted to your BC and you’re ready to go diving!

Using the Covered Holster included in the 300-N package, mounting is quick and easy, and keeps it close at hand – yet you don’t even know you’re wearing it. Practice pulling the Spare Air out of the holster when diving in a non-emergency situation.

Depending on your equipment and the way it is set-up, you can mount them anywhere that is most convenient for you such as:

  1. Shoulder Mount: Attach top holster strap to shoulder strap and bottom holster strap to D-ring.
  2. D-ring Mount: Attach bottom holster strap to tank strap and top holster strap to D-ring.
  3. Tank Mount: Thread tank strap through holster mounting strap sewn to back of holster (some stitching may need to be carefully removed to accommodate broader tank straps). Holster straps are not used.
  4. Extra Weight Belt Mount: Ever wondered what to do with that old weight belt you no longer use. Attach holster straps to a weight belt not being used for buoyancy adjustment.

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