The ISC Wind Storm Whistle is a tough and reliable safety whistle that is extremely loud to get somebody’s attention. Adopted by the US Military the Wind Storm is waterproof and tough, so loud that it exceeds Coast Guard and SOLAS requirements so you’ll be easily found in the water.

Colour: Black, Orange, Yellow


The Windstorm™ Whistle is the second loudest handheld whistle in the world, behind only the Storm®, producing a powerful 123 dB sound that carries over long distance. It’s a more compact and lighter version of the Storm with slightly lower loudness. It takes little effort to blow and the unique shape is easy to grip so you won’t tire as quickly when you’re injured and seeking rescue. This whistle is very loud, so cover your ears.

The Windstorm utilizes a patented harmonic resonance dual-chamber design where high and low frequencies are focused into an extremely loud single frequency with double the standard amplitude. The result is a clear, high frequency sound with a deeper, more powerful tone that’s significantly louder and more easily heard than other safety whistles. A pea in the upper chamber results in a trill sound that is unmistakable from anything else in nature.


  • Second loudest handheld whistle in the world, 123 dB
  • Little effort to blow
  • Ergonomic shape, easy to grip
  • Performs in all conditions

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