Tested in exploration projects: STEALTH 2.0 is the first choice of many exploration projects – tested in parts of the world few people have seen.

High lift capacity: 19 kg of lift – perfect for technical diving with multiple cylinders.

Perfectly streamlined: Designed for minimum drag, staying tight to the body, whilst delivering a simultaneous high lift capacity.

Reinforced upper wing: Provides protection in tight restrictions inside caves and wrecks.

Modular weight system: The STEALTH 2.0 weight system can be configured for any diver.


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XDEEP Stealth 2.0 Tec Sidemount Bcd

Xdeep Stealth 2.0 Tec BCD was designed to excel in deep decompression diving and in extended cave penetrations. 19Kg of lift in the wing can easily support the multiple cylinders that advanced diving requires.

  • Deep multistage decompression diving. Ambitious recreational diving.
  • STEALTH 2.0 TEC Mounted to the harness.
  • One universal size with huge adjustment range
  • With the adjustment elements located on the lower node of the harness
  • STEALTH 2.0 sidemount harness
  • Unique STEALTH 2.0 modular weight system with capacity up to 25 kg
  • Fully functional redundant bladder with K-Type inflator and standard dump valve

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