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Top 8 Best Diving Hoods 

If you are an avid diver, you may know the importance of keeping yourself insulated underwater in order to avoid accidents that could occur due to the low temperature levels of the water. A diving hood is an essential part of a scuba diver’s set of gear as it provides warmth, protection, and comfort to the head and neck area while diving in cold water. Read on to explore the 8 best diving hoods you can find on the market. 

What Is a Scuba Diving Hood? Why Do You Need One? 

The scuba diving hood is a piece of divewear designed to fit a diver’s head snugly and provide ample protection and warmth during dives in cold water. They are typically made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber material that provides insulation against cold temperatures. This is essential for prolonged dives, as life-threatening conditions such as hypothermia can occur when exposed to cold water for a long period. A diving hood also protects the diver’s head from abrasions, cuts, and jellyfish stings which are potential  accidents that occur during a dive. 

Scuba diving hoods come in various shapes and sizes to fit different head sizes and accommodate different diving conditions. Some hoods cover only the head, while others cover the neck and shoulders as well. The thickness of the neoprene used in the hood also varies, and relatively thicker materials provide more warmth and protection. If you are shopping for dive gear, it is important to choose a hood that fits you well and is made of high-quality neoprene material to ensure maximum comfort and protection during dives.

What to Consider When Choosing a Diving Hood 

There are few factors to consider such as the thickness of the neoprene material, the fit of the hood, and the type of diving you will be doing when buying a diving hood. A thicker hood provides more warmth and protection in colder water, while a snug fit is essential to prevent water from entering the hood. The type of diving you plan to do may also influence your choice of hood, as different hoods provide varying levels of coverage and protection. It is also important to choose a hood from a reputable manufacturer, made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability.

Top 10 Diving Hoods to Fit Your Choice 

1. Sharkskin Chillproof Hood 

The Sharkskin Chillproof Hood is made of 3-layer composite material with thermal properties. It has a Nylon/Spandex outer layer for abrasion resistance. It is also chafing, itch, and odour resistant, and it comes with neutral buoyancy. This non-restrictive, moisture-wicking, easy-to-wear diving hood provides SPF50+ sun protection to shield your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

2. Scubapro EVERFLEX HOOD 3/5 MM 

The Scubapro EVERFLEX HOOD 3/5 MM is designed to keep divers warm and comfortable during cold-water dives. With a high-stretch 100% Everflex Nylon exterior and a new plush lining interior, this updated hood provides maximum comfort and warmth. Its face seal offers additional head protection and warmth, making it perfect for temperate to cold-water dives. Protect your body from heat loss and enjoy greater comfort with this reliable and effective scuba hood.

3. Cressi Standard 3mm Hood 

The Cressi Standard 3mm Hood is perfect for one-piece wetsuits with a front zip, featuring a watertight seal around the face and neck for enhanced protection. Made from 3mm smooth neoprene material, it also has an anatomical cut for a comfortable fit. The integrated air/water discharge system in the upper part of this hood ensures a dry dive experience.

4. IST HDN0130 Hood 

The IST HDN0130 Hood features a blend of neoprene gauge sections for optimal stretch and durability. The smooth skin lining on the face seal restricts water movement, while the flexible jaw/throat area accommodates variations in head profiles. Its double-layered top panel creates an effective vent, preventing unwanted pressure or bubbling and allowing air and water to escape easily. You can stay comfortable and protected during your dives with this reliable scuba hood.

5. IST HD9 Hood 

The IST HD9 Hood is a comfortable and protective, 3mm Super-Stretch neoprene hood with taped edges. This high-quality hood effectively shields your head from temperature fluctuations in the water and other accidents such as cuts and abrasions, allowing you to stay protected and comfortable during your dive.

6. IST Hood4 Spandex Hood 

The IST Hood4 Spandex Hood is an ultra-comfortable tropical hood that comes with a collar. Made from high-quality spandex material, it features flat-lock stitching and has UV protection applied to it. You can surely enjoy a safe dive experience with this reliable and protective hood.

7. IST HD11 3mm Aquastretch Hood 

The IST HD11 3mm Aquastretch Hood is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. Its soft Aquastretch lining and the super stretch yoke around the neck make it easy to don and doff. Its multi-panel construction ensures an anatomical fit, and its extended bib provides an optimal seal underneath the wetsuit collar. The top panel features two vent grommets to allow air or water to escape, ensuring a comfortable dive.

8. Gull 3mm FIR Hood

The Gull 3mm FIR Hood is designed to provide protection against sunburns when you are on the surface of the water. It also retains heat and prevents entanglement of hair with the straps of your dive mask. The hood is made of FIR material that absorbs heat from the body and emits far-infrared radiation, providing excellent heat retention. Additionally, it features a ventilation hole at the top of the hood to facilitate air flow and allow bubbles to escape underwater, while the ear area is perforated to promote better hearing.

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