About Scuba Warehouse Sdn Bhd

Starting out as a humble shop in Singapore, Scuba Warehouse saw the growth opportunity of scuba diving retail and beyond from afar. It was by means not an overnight success.

Through word of mouth and constant offering good service to our customers, we have come this far this journey with you. Having earned good reputation and offering attractive prices along with wide variety of goods to choose from, we then decide to open an outlet in Malaysia after much encouragement from shoppers in Malaysia.

Taking baby steps at a time, we again built up our constant rapport with customers like you, and keeping an eye for the trend in Malaysia. It’s with valuable feedback you all have given to us had enabled us to come this far.

From offering retail sales initially, we have now started to venture into wholesale, offering dive gear servicing, and dive gear rental. We do look forward to many more years to come!

The backbones of Scuba Warehouse Sdn bhd

Dylan Teh

scuba warehouse malaysia dylan teh

Dylan is in charge of the company. He makes company decisions, and is also a certified service technician for your regulators and dive computers. Being with the company since 2014, he sure has achieved a lot in this career with us. As a partner, he also will look after the import and export division.



Wong has been in the diving industry for more than 20 years. He is serving the wholesale divisionĀ in the company, and has good contacts with many resorts out there. At times when the shop gets busy, Wong will also be around to assist you. Do ask him on any questions or any bulk purchase order.

Mike Ooi

scuba warehouse mike ooi

Mike is a very enthusiastic sales executive in the store. Ask him anything about the diving gear, and Mike will be happy to answer them. He will be around to help you choose the perfect diving gear you need so that you not only look pretty, but also suited to your needs. Mike is in charge of the retail sales division.