Dive gear rental

Have you ever experienced poor conditioned gear rental when you are at the dive resort? Or rental gear which is leaking, and you are told that “it’s ok”? The truth is, no one wants their dive trip marred by all these defects which could affect safety.

You deserve better here at Scuba Warehouse! We value safety above all else. When you rent gear at Scuba Warehouse, you will check that the gear is in a good working condition. You are guaranteed the best working condition of our rental gear.

Rental Gear Rental rate (based on per diving day)
Mask & Snorkel set RM 15
Fins – Full Foot RM 15
Fins – Open Heel RM 25
Wetsuit – Shorty RM 20
Wetsuit – Fullsuit RM 25
BCD – Jacket RM 35
Regulator set RM 35
Dive torch RM 25
Dive computer RM 35
Weight belt RM 8
Lead Weights – 1 kg RM 5
Corrective lens (1 pair) RM 15
S80 tank with air fill RM48 (Charged as per tank)