Jacket BCD

Get the best Jacket BCD. Dive gear is a thing people in the world of scuba and diving take very seriously.

There are tons of different brands to choose from when it comes down to buying your own equipment, which makes getting started with this sport difficult for beginner divers. Some popular companies that sell their products online include Cresi-sub . They offer everything you’ll need as far as dive gear goes such as BCDs , regulators , wetsuits & more!

One good place where beginners can get high quality yet affordable supplies would be Scuba Warehouse – here they have an amazing selection including name brand items like Mares and Aqua Lung at prices anyone could afford!

Jacket style BCD

Many divers prefer jacket-style BCDs because they are extremely stable and easy to use. The jacket-style BCD is by far the most common type. It comes in all shapes and sizes. For a better fit, these are also gender-specific. The inside of the bladder of a jacket-style BCD is curved, so air pushes up to your chest and nearly disappears at your back. While swimming short distances on the surface, you can stay vertical or lie on your back easily.


The hybrid style takes the best features of both the above styles and combines them in one system. Models vary greatly in size, style, and features. As an example, the lightweight Cressi ACE comes with an air cell and a detachable harness.