Travel BCD

Make your dive trip comfortable with a handy travel BCD from Scuba Warehouse! 

The BCD is one of the most crucial pieces of equipment required for scuba diving. It controls your buoyancy and balance, making your dive safe and comfortable. At Scuba Warehouse Malaysia, we have a wide range of high-quality BCD diving equipment that are specially designed for exploring, as most divers prefer carrying their own BCD to their  desired diving locations. 

What’s So Special about Travel BCDs? 

Travelling to and from your favourite dive spot is easier when your gear is not unnecessarily bulky. The travel BCD diving equipment helps you travel easily, and it is preferred by many divers due to a number of reasons. 

  • Lightweight and Compact: Travel BCDs are specially designed to be lightweight and compact, making them ideal for divers who frequently travel to different diving destinations. They are made from lightweight materials without compromising on durability, allowing you to pack them easily in your travel bag without exceeding luggage weight restrictions.
  • Portability: Travel BCDs are easily portable, and they make it easy for divers to move around while carrying them. The carrying handles and backpack-style straps that come with them make travel BCDs convenient for transportation. 
  • Versatility: Travel BCDs can be used in versatile diving environments. Whether you dive in cold water or warm tropical waters, a travel BCD will allow you to enjoy your dive safely and comfortably.

What to Consider when Buying a Travel BCD? 

If you are planning to travel around with your BCD in the long run, it is advised that you select a high-quality and durable one. These are the key factors to consider when searching for quality travel BCD equipment. 

  • Weight and Size: If you are a frequent traveller, the size and the weight of your BCD should be your first consideration. It is always wise to choose a travel BCD that is lightweight and compact without compromising on comfort and functionality.
  • Buoyancy Control: Buoyancy control is the main purpose of a BCD. Therefore, you may look for a BCD that offers excellent buoyancy control and adjustability. You may even look for features such as integrated weight systems, multiple dump valves, and easy inflation and deflation mechanisms to ensure precise buoyancy control underwater.
  • Durability: A BCD is not a piece of equipment that is thrown away after a few dive trips. Therefore, look for a BCD manufactured by a reputed brand to make sure that it stays in good condition for the years to come. 

Make Your Dive Trip Comfortable with a Travel BCD from Scuba Warehouse 

Being in the industry for years, we know exactly how the quality of your dive gear affects your overall performance and the diving experience. At Scuba Warehouse Malaysia, we offer a wide range of top-notch BCD diving equipment from leading brands such as Scubapro and Cressi. If you are planning to buy a travel-friendly set of diving equipment for your next trip, we have got everything you need under one roof. 

Browse through our catalogue and choose what suits you best. Our travel BCDs are designed with innovative technology, and they are ready to withstand the rigours of diving. Place your order online or visit our store to try and choose quality BCD diving equipment to take your diving experience to the next level.