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Cressi Zeus Iridium Mask


A thin silicone membrane placed around the nose acts as a deflector so that the hot air coming from the nose when compensating for the external pressure is not directly involved on the lenses, reducing the tendency to fogging commonly found in small volume masks . This membrane also has the function of stabilizing the mask on the face, which remains firmly supported, regardless of the possible movements of the face or the effect of pressure changes.

Its face optimizes dead spaces and reduces internal volume.

Cressi suggests the use of an anti-fog solution or saliva inside the lens and rinsing with water to further improve the anti-fogging effect.

The inclined lens system improves visibility in all directions but above all downwards, exceeding that of a traditional mask by 30%

The structure is very thin for greater comfort.

The buckles anchored to the frame for optimal stability of the mask , are completely foldable and tiltable in all directions. Therefore, the possibility of breaking is almost zero their adjustment is micrometric with a larger button, even when wearing diving gloves.

The new strap is made in two different colors of silicone.

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