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Gull Rash Trenka

GULL Rash Guards are sure to shield your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and reflections off water and other surfaces. Great for looking sharp and protecting your health when engaging in marine sports activities including skin and scuba diving, or simply taking a stroll along the beach.


Gull Rash Trenka

Gull Rash Trenka soft, silky-like fabric effectively blocks out 99% of UV light from contacting your skin. These leggings are equipped with a band at the arch of the foot holding each pant leg in place. You can wear a pair as inner wear and it can also be worn on its own. These versatile leggings serve well serve well for skin and scuba diving, as well as ocean activities.

  • 99% of UV insulation : As well has having UV blockage capability (blocks more than 99% of UV radiation),The protection of the influence to a surface is “UPF50+” of the greatest.
  • Comfortable : Dry Touch +UV CUT
  • Water repellent
  • Stretchable fabric

Established in 1995, Gull has an extended history in research and development and remains today’s leader in the design and manufacturing of high-quality scuba diving equipment. Gull continues to push beyond outdated diving conventions so that you continue to better enjoy your underwater experiences safely, comfortably, and efficiently.

At Scuba Warehouse, we have a wide variety of Scuba diving equipment and accessories for you to choose from. Major Brands from USA, Italy and even Taiwan. Items from mask to fin, accessories like D-rings and Anti-fog, there will sure be something for everyone!

Come shop with us at Scuba Warehouse today for all your diving needs. Our Friendly stuffs are alway ready to assist you and share some advice for your next diving trip.

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