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Idas Arm BB-i13 Loc

There is a saying in diving, “Take only the pictures, and leave only the bubbles”. So, come quick and gear yourself up with the Idas Arm BB-i13 Loc to prepare yourself for a fun filled underwater photography experience.

The Idas Arm features 2 ball mounts on each end for easy mounting and attaching accessories. It also comes with 9″ Loc-Line sections for easy manoeuvring of accessories. Being durable, it can last you for many dives.

It is good to pair with a video light or strobe. For heavier equipments, you can add a floater to counter negative buoyancy.

Like all diving equipments, do wash with freshwater after use, to prolong its lifespan and prevent corrosion. Do grease the O-Rings as well.

For more information on the look and design of the product, please refer to the image gallery.

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