IST Pro Ear Mask

IST ME80 Pro Ear Dive Mask is a dual-lens mask with a crystal-clear silicone skirt. But what makes the IST ME80 Pro Ear Dive Mask unique is its pair of ear pods that provide a watertight fit over each ear. The air spaces inside these ear pods are connected to the air space inside the mask via a pair of equalization tubes. This makes equalizing easier for divers who have difficulty, and reduces the risk of ear infection by reducing the amount of water that enters the ears.

Colour: Clear Blue, Clear Black, Black Black


IST Pro Ear Mask

IST Pro Ear Mask will resolve the difficulty in equalising and the possibility of getting ear infection are problems that can happen to any diver regardless of their experience. It can become serious enough to stop one from diving.

The IST ProEar Mask is manufactured to the highest standard and only the best materials are used. It is designed to counter the most of the unavoidable effects pressure and water have on the ears so you can have more enjoyment bottom time.

A: Skirt
Made from the best grade of crystal clear, hypoallergenic silicone, the skirt is soft and automatically conforms to a wide range of facial profiles.

B: Silicone strap
Mounted on swivel buckles, the strap with its large contact surface secures the mask to the wearer.

C: Ear covers
The soft silicone Ear Covers forms a water tight seal between the ear drum and the cover. The pressure buffer created to have the same pressure as your nasal cavity mask when air exhaled through the nose is introduced through the Equalization Tubes. Therefore the ear pressure in the middle and outer area is the same and the “squeeze” from the ambient will be significantly reduced. Other benefits from keeping the ears sealed also include reducing the chance of an ear infection from water, plus improved sense of direction and warmth retention.

D: Equalizing tubes
With one-way valve placed inside each tube, air is allowed to travel only from the mask to the ear covers for pressure equalization and water clearance while stopping water from flooding the mask in the unlikely event of flooded Ear Covers.


  • Pressure equalisation is easier achieved!
  • Prevents pressure induced ear ache (barotrauma)
  • Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction
  • Stops dirty / polluted water from entering the ear causing infection
  • Increased warmth around the ear in cold conditions

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