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IST SK1 Socks

Sorry, this item is now discontinued.

IST SK1 Socks

The IST SK1 Socks are low cut socks, 3mm in thickness, and provides good protection against abrasions and cuts when diving underwater. Made with Nylon Lining, this pair of socks is easy to get on/off and feels much better against the skin than straight neoprene.

Even if you’re not diving, this pair of socks are still a great addition have. It’s efficient to keep your feet dry and warm when in rain or working in or around waters.

The IST SK1 3mm Socks can be used for Professional, Recreation, Warm Water and other purposes. The IST SK1 3mm Socks can be used by anyone engaging in water sports or activities.

Height: 12.5 cm (5”)

Sizes available: S, M, L, XL

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