Scubapro Air 2


Scubapro Air 2

Drawing on Scubapro’s years of experience in scuba wears, comes the Scubapro Air 2. Now in its 5th generation since its inception 30 years ago, it offers much better performance and ease of use.

As a backup reg, the AIR 2 delivers air as smoothly as most primary second stages. The flexible purge cover is large and easy to locate. Moreover, a new dive/pre-dive switch is now present. Allowing you detune the Air 2 when it’s not being used and eliminate free flows. And unlike traditional dangling octopus, the Air 2 is always within easy reach if needed.

As a BC power inflator, the Air 2 is very easy to use. It fits comfortably in the hand. And the large inflate and deflate buttons can be differentiated easily by both colour and touch, thus improving safety on both ascents and descents.

So if you’re ever looking for a reliable backup reg that’s easily within reach, can act as a BC inflator/deflator, and helps streamlines your dive profile by eliminating a dangling octopus hose, then this is the one to look for!