Suunto Vyper Novo Dive Computer

Suunto Vyper Novo Dive Computer is robust, and nitrox capable for advanced divers with an optional air integration.


Suunto Vyper Novo Dive Computer

If you are a professional diver who aims for a calculative, planned and precise diving for research or underwater navigational purpose, then Suunto Vyper Novo dive computer is your gadget. It is super-solid nitrox-capable device and is embedded with electronic tilt-compensated 3D compass that helps you in finding right directions under deep waters.

This Vyper air dive computer also has optional wireless air integration feature that allows you to monitor tank pressure and air consumption right from your wrist. If you explore underwater depths with this Suunto Vyper Novo, you can operate with five different modes that include air, nitrox, gauge, free and off and you can also switch between these modes. It operates on Suunto RGBM algorithm which offers precise and continuous decompression and finest ascent time

 It comes with a built-in dive planning feature and connecting port to access dive data and graphical logs from your PC. If you are looking to buy dive computer, then Suunto Vyper Novo equipped with all specifics like timers, dive simulators, replaceable battery and protective rubber boot can be your perfect underwater gadget.