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Tips to Find the Best Scuba Diving Shop in Malaysia

scuba diving shop malaysiaThe key to enjoying a great dive is finding the right scuba diving shop. From purchasing or renting scuba gear to getting your scuba diving license, you need to have proper guidance and knowledge. Even though most dive stores claim to provide everything that a diver needs, only a few shops are actually capable of catering to all requirements of a diver: from gear to diving lessons. At present, you can find many dive shops in Malaysia- a tourist destination with a number of attractive dive spots in East Asia. Read on to learn how to find the best scuba diving shop in Malaysia.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Good Dive Shop?

There’s a huge difference between relying on a low-rated dive shop and selecting a reliable, high-rated one. The standards of your dive store can directly affect everything related to your diving experience, from the quality of the dive gear to coaching sessions. When you choose a high-end dive, PADI-certified dive shop with a clean accident record, you can be assured of your safety, as well as the validity of the diving lessons you receive. Usually, high-rated dive shops present top-notch dive gear manufactured by leading brands such as Scubapro and Cressi, and most of the items come with a warranty and after-service. You can use their help in the long run if you come across dive gear repairs, as most of the leading dive shops are authorized dealers of certain dive gear brands. 

The biggest disadvantage of going for a low-rated dive shop is risking your own safety. If your dive store charges below the minimum, you need to be concerned about the quality of the products and services they offer. If you don’t intend to face a gear failure mid-dive or receive incomplete scuba training, it is highly recommended to choose the best scuba shop possible. 

What to Look for When Choosing a Dive Shop?

Choosing a good dive store is not a simple task for everyone. If you are a newbie with less experience, here are a few tips to choose the right dive shop.

1. Check the Reviews.

The easiest way to have a rough understanding of a dive shop is by reading the online reviews that previous customers have left. You can easily find customer reviews on the dive store’s official website, social media platforms, TripAdvisor, and Google in a matter of seconds. However, it is up to you to read the reviews with an optimistic mindset, as they don’t always reflect the truth. However, you can have a better idea of your chosen dive shop if you compare and analyze the customer reviews you find on different platforms rather than checking on one platform. 

2. Speak to Professionals.

Knowledge comes with experience. If you want good guidance, it is advised to speak to a few experienced divers before you choose a dive shop. You can either connect to professional divers in person, via social media platforms or read blogs maintained by them to have the information you need. As they most likely have had prior experience, you would be able to decide whether your chosen dive shop is worth a visit or not.

3. Ask Questions.

Asking questions can clear most of your doubts regarding diving gear, diving lessons, and diving trips. Even if you have the slightest confusion regarding any of these, it is highly advised to ask questions from your dive shop employees and clear them out before you start your diving journey with them. Here are some questions that you should never miss;


  1. What diving equipment do they have in store?
  2. How often do they service their rental diving gear?
  3. How experienced their staff is?
  4. Are they PADI certified?
  5. What diving courses do they offer?
  6. Are they company-authorized dive gear dealers?
  7. Do they have personal lockers and changing rooms?
  8. What is their cancellation policy? 
  9. How many divers do they take out at a time?
  10. What offers do they have on diving gear and training courses?

4. Do Your Inspection.

If time permits, visit the dive stores in your vicinity and do an inspection on your own. When you visit a dive shop, you get to try their dive gear, check out different brands, talk freely to the shop employees, and gather more information about their diving courses. To make the best out of your visit, carry a checklist of the items and factors that you need to pay attention to when you go to the store. 

5. Make a Good Decision

What matters to you as a diver is selecting the best possible dive store to fulfill your diving requirements. If you are convinced that the dive shop that you are rooting for can cater to all your requirements, you may go ahead with your decision. However, you should always keep in mind that your safety must be put before anything else. Therefore, rather than making your decision on prices, put more weight on the shop’s safety records, the credentials of the staff, and the quality and maintenance of the diving equipment. 

What Do Dive Shops Offer in General?

Different dive shops offer different products and services. However, popular scuba dive shops in Malaysia often offer four kinds of services.

  • Diving equipment for sale
  • Diving equipment rental
  • Diving equipment services
  • Scuba diving training 

As various dive shops have different policies, you may speak to the staff before opting out of any of the said services. 

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