Bonito-Sport Din-to-Yoke Adapter

A universal din to yoke adapter you will find it handy!


Bonito-Sport Din-to-Yoke Adapter

Our Bonito-Sport Din-to-Yoke Adapter is perfect for your next diving adventure on your DIN regulator set.

If you have a DIN connection for your first stage and you’re borrowing or renting a tank with a yoke-style connection, you need to be prepared to find a way to make it work. This DIN to Yoke Regulator Adapter allows you to bridge that gap and get on with your dive. Always handy to have around, especially if you’re a travelling diver, this adapter could save your dive if you’re surprised with a yoke valve on your rental tank. It’s easy to spin into place and is made to last with its all brass construction.

DIN to Yoke Regulator Adapter Features:
  • Convert DIN first stage to fit a standard yoke inlet
  • Fits on all 200 to 300 bar DIN valves
  • Quick spin-on adapter
  • All brass construction
What’s the difference between a DIN and yoke regulator first stage?

Choosing a regulator first stage can be a challenge if you don’t understand how DIN and yoke styles differ. Ultimately, it comes down to how they attach, and the location of the o-ring. On a yoke first stage, also known as an a-clamp style, the o-ring is exposed on the cylinder valve. The first stage then has an opening which connects to this exposed o-ring, and a pin which screws into the back of the cylinder valve to hold it in place. The regulator becomes sealed once it’s pressurised by turning the cylinder on.

DIN (an acronym of Deutsche Industrie Norm) differs as it is a threaded opening which screws directly into the cylinder valve. On a DIN regulator, the o-ring is built into the first stage rather than sitting on the valve. Next up, we’ll share the advantages of a DIN regulator and why they’re becoming the norm within modern scuba diving.

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