These replacement Cressi Weight pockets are designed to fit the most of the Cressi Bcd, these pockets are the Flatlock aid system replacement weight pockets and it will hold max 4.5kg weight.


Cressi Bcd Integrated Weight Pocket

The Cressi Flat Lock Aid System Weight Pockets are designed to fit the Cressi Ultralight, Air Travel, Travelight, Back Jac, Aquaride and R1 BCDs. This well designed Integrated Weight Pocket System can hold up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of Hard or Soft Lead Weights in each Pocket.

The Flat Lock System Pockets have a unique flat lock buckle system that is extremely low profile in design with pivoting pull release handles that can be folded inward to lower the diver’s profile and reduce drag. The positive locking buckle will not release the weight pocket unless you want them to.

Unlike Velcro style weight pockets the Flat Lock System Pockets have a durable zipper closure that will retain the weights properly at all times. The pockets are made from strong and durable nylon material for years of reliable service

  • Fits: Cressi Back Jac, Aquaride Elite, Travelight and R-1 BCD’s

  • Well Designed Integrated Weight Pocket System

  • Unique Flat Lock Buckle System

  • Buckles: Extremely Low Profile in Design

  • Pivoting Pull Release Handles, Hold to Reduce Profile and Drag

  • Positive Locking Buckle’s

  • Hold Up to 4.5 kg (10 lbs) of Hard or Soft Lead Weights in Each Pocket

  • Durable Zipper Closure for Positive Retention of Weights

  • Strong and Durable Nylon Material Construction

  • Sold as Single Pocket

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