Gull GT Fin


The best jet fin for scuba diving that utilizes not only propulsion power but also unprecedented flexibility of rubber. A new M size has appeared, making it compatible with a wide range of divers!


Colour: Olive, Safe Orange, Black, White
Size: M, Large, X Large


Gull GT Fin

Gull GT Fin was born from a desire for a fin that bears the strong torque power of a jet style fin while also integrating the unique flexibility of KINUGAWA rubber. Powerful semi-long wide rubber jet fins combining power with precision.



GT Boots Size Fitting Table

Boots adaptation reference table

size GS boots Dry boots made by other companies
(World Dive / Moby Dick)
M. 25-26cm 23-25cm
L. 26-27cm 25-26cm
XL 28-30cm 27-28cm

* Depending on the size, it is possible to use both boots with soles and dry boots. Please check at the store before purchasing.
*With the cooperation of domestic suit manufacturers, we have created a table based on the results of our own verification of compatibility with GT, but please note that the applicable size will change depending on the boot inner. . In addition, since there are individual differences in the shape of the foot, the size may vary.

Jet Hole Stabilizers

As pressurized water exits conventional jet holes, it immediately disperses into the surrounding water. Our patent pending jet hole stabilizers act as a water flow guide, delaying the dispersal of water. This leaves an area of negative water pressure behind the fin allowing your kick to pull out more efficiently.

Semi-Long, Wide Blade Stability

The use of our exclusive 100% made in Japan Kinugawa rubber offers flexibility that effectively transmits the power of your kick to the blade. Compared with other jet style fins, GTʼs bending point occurs closer to the foot pocket displacing enormous volumes of water with every kick. GT promises monstrous power, all while the jet holes actively work to stabilize the blade.

Instant Power

GT offers instantaneous extra torque power when you most need it. Great for diving with a heavy load, battling tough currents, performing quick getaways, and aiding incapable divers get to shore safely.

Specialised Spring Strap

The GT-specific spring strap is designed to support the finʼs powerful propulsion. The spring strap is directly built into the fin, reinforcing the attachment point leaving it less prone to damage.

Dry Suit Compatible Foot Pocket

GTʼs dry suit compatible foot pockets are outfitted with large openings allowing for easy wear and removal for almost any drysuit boot to fully be inserted. Grooves on the inside of the pockets help slide your boot in place for a smoother insert.

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